My 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge

If you’re a big reader like me, maybe you’ll find this post useful. Let me introduce you to my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge!

I LOVE to read. It’s one of my main hobbies and it has been so every since I learned how to. I’m a complete geek and nothing makes me happier than spending hours wandering around in a bookstore or a library. That’s just the way it is! 😉

Truth be told, my parents are both avid readers and books were constantly available during my youth. Sitting with my mom and dad in the living room, each with a book, on a quiet Sunday afternoon was not a rare occurrence in our household. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Needless to say, I’ve read many, many, many books. At some point, in my twenties, I decided I should keep track of everything I read. No particular reason, just for fun. Just to see how many books crossed my path every year.

I did so on a forum that had nothing at all to do with books or reading, really. But it was a place where I could write down my latest reads and not forget about them. (And if I’m being completely honest, I also enjoyed seeing what other people were reading, and how fast… and okay, I admit it, compare myself!)

Then a few years ago, I discovered This site (and the app!) is wonderful, you guys. Not only can you track the books you’ve read, but based on your preferences and your ratings of different publications, the algorithm will suggest titles that could interest you.

It’s super easy to use and there are so. many. books. Seriously, I can get lost for hours looking at the descriptions and adding stuff to my “to-read” shelf (which currently sits at 348… eek!)

Goodread also has other great features, like giveaways and groups. Yes, you can join an online bookclub! (I’m part of one for women only named Bookworm Bitches, how cool is that?!)

But, my favorite particularity about Goodreads is the yearly Reading Challenge you can enter. Basically, in January (or whenever you feel like jumping in), you commit to a number of books you want to read before December 31st. It can be as low or as high of a number as you wish and ANY type of book counts: biographies, graphic novels, personal development… you name it!

When you start a book, you simply change its status to “currently reading” and when you’re done, switch it to “read”. It’s as simple as that! The site will register the date you finished it and it will automatically be added to your challenge.

You can see your progress, make friends and watch theirs, get some (or give!) encouragements when needed… It’s just really, really cool.

So, this year, I pledged to read 40 books. I’ve been doing this challenge on Goodreads for the past three years. In 2014 and 2015, I managed to read 48 and 50 books respectively, which meant I reached my goals of 45.

But, 2016 was much busier for me, as I met the man of my dreams. (I know! I’m so lucky!) And we all know that a relationship takes time. Time I used to have to read more, but really, it was not a big sacrifice… Priorities, am I right? 😉 So, I didn’t reach my objective of 45 books, coming short at 36… which is not that bad, for most people really. (I’m trying to not be too hard on myself.)

Anyway, this year, I’m going for 40 books and I intend to succeed! I (of course) prepared a spread in my beloved bullet journal to track everything.

And I’m very pleased to say that right now, I’m ahead of schedule with six books finished since January 1st. Go me!

Are you a reader? Do you challenge yourself and keep track of what you read? How? Since when? What are your prefered genres? Let me know in the comments below! And happy reading!

Until next time, Jammies!

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