Book Review – Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

As a part of my morning routine (the amazing Miracle Morning, that I will talk about more soon), each day I spend a few minutes reading a self-help book. Now, don’t run away just yet, because I’m very picky about my reads!

Because I adored Eat, Pray, Love when I read it a few years ago, I decided to go with Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I figured it was a safe bet, and I was not disappointed. Here are my thoughts about it!

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This book is all about creativity. Not only does Elizabeth (I’ve decided we’re on first-names term) define what it means to her to be creative, but she also explains her views on where it all comes from and how the “big magic” between ideas and individuals works. To her, ideas are there to be (literally) caught by us, if we simply dare. Throughout the book, the readers are incited to stop fearing whatever it is that stopping them, and just go for it. Liz (nicknames are even better! ha!) is clearly hoping to inspire others to live their dreams. (It certainly worked for me!)

However, she still paints a realistic portrait of what it means to be a creative person, downsides and all. She takes the time to explains how she approached her desire to write, telling us about the long hours she’s put in and her persistence through the years withouth sugarcoating it. But most of all, Lizzie (I can’t stop!) is clear about one thing: people should create because they want to, without waiting for anything in return.


This was a super fast read and as I was flipping through the pages like a madwoman, I always felt like the author was talking directly to me (as you can now tell from the familiarity we developed, hehe!). Elizabeth’s style is easy, it is funny and it’s relatable. The multitude of anecdotes that fill this book is wonderful. Most of them are really entertaining, while helping to make a point.

I loved that (my new friend) Liz did not focus on just one kind of creativity. Yes, she’s a writer. But her book can easily be read by all sorts of artists, may they be musicians, painters, or simple DIY crafters. Even if you’re not artistic at all. Everyone can take something out of this read.

And while it might seem a bit far-fetched for some, I absolutely LOVED the image of ideas floating around, simply waiting for the right person to grab them at the right moment. It’s very poetic and it charmed me right from the start.


Honestly, there’s no real “meh…” for me this time. People who are more down to earth and who don’t believe in the Universe (or a higher force) working its magic and influence our lives will probably not like this book. They’ll probably say it’s all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. That’s okay. You do you and they do them.


  • You’re a creative person in need of a butt kicking session to get you started.
  • You have an active imagination, can think outside the box and see through metaphors.
  • You liked Eat, Pray, Love.


Do YOU read self-help books? If so, which one is your favorite? Have you read Big Magic? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Instagram!

Until next time!

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