My favorite Bullet Journal Resources for Inspiration

Ever since I started bullet journaling, back in June of 2016, I’ve been looking for the best resources for inspiration. In the last year, I’ve scoured the web and discovered wonderful and talented people who, just like me, are passionate about planning in their bujo. It’s crazy to think how many lives Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the bullet journal has changed…

Today, I’m giving you ten web resources, in no particular order, you MUST visit if you’re a new (or not so new) bullet journalist!



Boho Berry

Kara is probably the best known and one of the most successful bujoer blogger out there. She was one of the first to blog about it, all the way back in the Fall of 2015. Since then, she’s posted many Plan With Me’s and her spreads are vastly loved and copied. She has a beautiful Instagram account and her own Etsy shop, where you can find stickers for your bullet journal if you’re not on the artsy side. I’ve never personally bought any, but the reviews are great and her fan base is solid.

Kara has a thriving YouTube channel. Her Bullet Journal 101 series has helped many and this month, she’s actually doing one video a day, to show her viewers her planning process. Go check it out!


Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Kim looks like the sweetest person ever. On her blog, you can find so many different layout ideas, from monthly to weekly layouts to dailies and collections. Her site is great for beginners, because she doesn’t offer only embellished and artsy pages. What Kim shows are bases upon which you can build and make your bullet journal your own. Her style is super simple, yet efficient and easy to relate to. Plus, she’s great at giving us tricks to improve our productivity.

Kim also has a lovely Instagram account, as well as a YouTube channel, but there are no videos published so far… I’ll keep an eye out and will definitely watch when she decides to upload one! She’s a regular contributor on the official bullet journal blog, too.



Sublime Reflection

Kimberly is awesome. The woman is truly an inspiration, in all aspects of life. I consult her blog often because she publishes great posts and offers many layout ideas, for all kinds of needs. And they are so, so cute! Always colorful! I love them and I can see her influence in my own spreads.

Kim offers many different free printable resources for your bujo, but also to improve productivity and live an all-around more balanced life. She’s the best! You can find her on Instagram, and she has a YouTube channel, too!






Christina’s blog posts are always insightful. She publishes her monthly set-ups with GREAT pictures and explains her thought process as she planned. She’ll tell us why she changed something or why it’s staying the same, what she added or removed and the reason behind it. She also shows different and original layout ideas and introduced me to the Dutch doors, a system I’ve been using in my own bullet journal this summer.

Christina is proof that planning in a bujo doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. Her style is simple, yet pretty. I love that she’s so relatable. Her followers can access loads of free printables and she sells others in her Etsy shop. You can follow her on Instagram and on YouTube for more inspiration.



The Boosted Journal

Ricardo (Yes! A guy! It’s so refreshing, in a sea of ladies, to see a man own up to his bujo love!) doesn’t have a blog but he has a strong Instagram presence and a YouTube channel. His spreads are always clean and full of colors. His love of stationery is also infectious. I dare you not to crave the Zebra Mildliners after looking at his pics 😉

What I like the most about Ricardo is his constant positivity. You’ll find plenty of ideas for your own bullet journal by looking at what he does.





Ady’s Bullet Journal

Audrey, a.k.a. Ady, is a French lady who has a bilingual blog. How awesome is that, right? Of course, as a former Montrealer, I’m partial to this 😉 Her blog is kinda new and there are not a that many posts, yet. But her Instagram account is proof that she’s really talented and someone the planning community should keep an eye on.

Ady shows us how she uses her bullet journal, gives ideas for headers and even explains her process for moving into a brand new notebook. I can’t wait to read more from her!



Life by Whitney

As she says herself, Whitney wants not only to share her journaling journey, but also inspire others and encourage them to let their creativity come out. Her blog is another wonderful source of ideas for spreads and layouts. She has TONS! She likes to experiment, too, so you can see how some of her fresh ideas work in her bujo before trying them in yours.

Whitney is very active on Instagram and cheers her fellow bullet journalists by featuring some of their pages on her website. She’s definitely someone who wants to helps this community stick together as it grows. Oh, and in case you’re interested, you can buy copies of her spreads to add to your bujo.



My Life in a Bullet

Cristina is SO talented, you guys! It’s kind of unbelievable. Her blog is not very old, but she’s posting interesting and detailed reviews of many products loved by the planning/bullet journal community, from notebooks to pens, to paper. I love that she has her unique voice and opinions.

Her Instagram feed is seriously one of my favorites. Everything she posts is incredibly beautiful. If you have a tendency to envy or jealousy, beware 😉 Take a look and I won’t believe you if you tell me you were not drooling!




Passion Themed Life

Kacheri is an artist and her blog is not centered only around bullet journaling, but also on living with intent. I don’t think she’s actively posting anymore, but for over a year, she shared her personal experiences and experiment with her bujo and how it helped her in all aspects of her life. If you’re a newbie, her tips, dos and don’ts and comparisons will definitely help you. you can still access her posts and read them.

Kacheri also has a YouTube channel, although she’s also not been active there in the past month. You can still catch-up on her videos, though. I  hope she’ll resume posting soon!




Pretty Prints & Paper

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to Jessica, a long-time bullet journal enthusiast and a master of hand lettering. Her blog features the evolution of her own style and use of the system, as well as tips to make it work for you. She’s also posted so many great reviews. Her website is the place to go to know everything you need to know before buying supplies.

Jessica, like many others, has a YouTube channel and a very active Instagram account. She has over 75,000 subscribers (!!!) and is very well loved in the community, for good reason. She’s someone to look up to!



That sums it up, guys! Do you search the web to find inspiration for your planner? Which sites are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, on Instagram or on Facebook!

Until next time,

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  1. This is really inspiring to take my planner to the next level. I use mine kind of like a bullet journal, but I’ve had a hard time using it consistently. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

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