Book Review – The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

As you may already know (please forgive me for rambling), I’m an avid reader and I set reading goals for myself all the time. I decided that I would try to read 40 books in 2017 at the beginning of the year and I also set mini-goals every two months.

I’m not sure I will reach my overall goal, but what’s for sure is that I’m trying my hardest. That being said, a few months ago I read The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney and knew I just had to review it on this little blog. Let’s go!





The Plumb family’s patriarch, when his four children were still young, invested a small amount of money in the stock market. Since his death, many years ago, what’s now known as “The Nest” has increased in value way more than anyone intended and the siblings are each counting on it to solve different problems.

Melody needs the money to keep her lovely house and send her twin daughters to college,  Jack needs it to reimburse the loan he secretly took against his and his partner’s cottage and Beatrice thinks it will give her the security she needs to finish her long-awaited novel.

Just months before cashing in, the eldest Plumb, Leo (the only one who doesn’t really need the money), gets into a drug-fueled accident and their mother decides to use The Nest to send him to rehab, almost draining the trust fund. Now, Melody, Jack and Bea must either count on their older brother to reimburse them or figure out another way to solve their problems.




This novel, guys! I couldn’t stop reading! Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney not only has a lovely written pen, but the characters she depicts are extremely realistic and well described. Everything and everyone makes sense, from the main Plumb children to their family members, spouses, coworkers and friends.

The author uses multiple point of views and it pays off. As readers, we go inside everybody’s head and even if we don’t like all the characters (and we sometimes can’t help but judge them and the choices they make), we can understand them.

This is a real-life story, that could happen to your neighbours. It’s not a feel-good book, if that’s what you’re expecting, though. Not everything ends up on a positive note. But that’s how it is in reality and I loved that D’Aprix Sweeney acknowledged it.





Well, as I just said, if you’re looking for a Happy Ending kind of book, you should try another one. Over the course of the novel, some characters learn and some don’t, just as in real life. Some made MANY mistakes and made me shake my head in disillusion. And some of them are just plain horrible persons. Yes. I hated some of them, even though they were believable.

Also, while I personally didn’t think it was an issue, I know that some people will find this book a bit long. There are some detours (that I found delicious and necessary to see the complete picture) that some may find unnecessary.




  • You like family sagas or family dramas.
  • You like novels that get deep into the psychology of characters.
  • You need to remember that your family is not that bad, after all 😉



Have you read The Nest? What did you think about it? And what’s on your reading list this summer? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Instagram!



Until next time,

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