Bi Monthly Goals Review + New Goals for the End of 2017!

It’s officially been over a month since I posted on this little blog. I don’t really know how time went by so fast, but it did.

I know I’ve already said it in my last two posts, but Fall was extremely busy and overwhelming for me. I honestly had zero energy to write. My creativity was at an (almost) all-time low.

Again, I clearly underestimated how challenging my new teaching position would be. Although I love it, planning lessons, preparing evaluations, grading quizzes and learning all there is to know about this new school has put my brain in an information overload. I’m repeating myself, but in the past two months, whenever I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was to think. I needed mind-numbing activities, like bad reality TV or simple games like Candy Crush 😉

On top of that, I had a minor surgery at the end of September. That meant I was on bedrest (or couch rest!) for a good two weeks. Everything is fine now, but it’s taken me some time to get back into my usual groove.

I took advantage of that time off to read, to work a little on my novel and to catch up on TV series. Yes, I’ve been really lazy. But I welcomed this break, even if it wasn’t really a vacation, as my body was hurting.

When I went back to work, I realized that all the planning I had done in September had to be redone. You see, when I left, I was finally starting to be ahead instead of planning day to day. But leaving my class in the hands of a substitute meant that she got to teach everything I’d intended to teach. And she didn’t prepare anything for the next weeks, because that wasn’t part of her job. Which meant that I had to start almost from scratch when I got back.

Let’s face it, I was exhausted and a bit discouraged. I picked up my sleeves and did my best. Although, once again, I got home late and completely wiped out, unable to get any fresh or interesting ideas out of my brain.

I’m finally starting to feel like my normal self. I still have long, busy days at school, but I’m now managing to leave at a decent hour, which means I can enjoy my evenings. But most of all, it means I still have enough energy to do things I love when I get home, like writing.

Although I’d fallen off the wagon, I’m now once again beginning my days with my Miracle Morning and it’s really helping me, as is the new morning routine I’m now sticking to (I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming post!). I’m really hoping that this little hiatus was a one-shot deal. I’m more motivated than ever to bring you interesting, helpful and sincere posts that you can hopefully relate to.

Now, it’s time to review my goals for September and October… As you can guess, almost nothing got done on that list. But I’m not letting that get me down. My goals are a guide. Sometimes I can reach them, sometimes I can’t. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.



They were:

  1. Get the French version of my blog going
  2. Read five books
  3. Finish the first editing round of my novel
  4. Complete the Country Heat program from Beachbody
  5. Finish bathroom reno
  6. Paint bedroom
  7. Figure out that mailing list thing
  8. Post at least one blog post per week
  9. Use social media 3 times/week to promote my blog
  10. Spend quality time with Alex weekly


I did read a lot, so #2 is a check. I actually read seven books in the last two months:

  • The Summer Wind, by Mary Alice Monroe
  • City of Ashes, by Cassandra Clare
  • The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells
  • The Tavern on Maple Street, by Sharon Owens
  • Shadow Crown, by Kristen Martin
  • Troisième humanité, by Bernard Werber
  • The Hearts We Sold, by Emily Lloyd-Jones


I also spent a lot of quality time with Alex, so #10 also gets a check mark. But that’s it. Yep, I’ve only completed two of my ten goals. I probably overestimated my capacities, too. It wasn’t realistic to do a complete edit of my novel in two months, when it took me almost a year to write the first draft. I’m going to change that. Other goals are going back on the list, because they’re still important to me, one of them is getting the boot (for now) and new ones are added.


So, for the next two months, I’m going to try and complete these goals:

  1. Start every work day with the Miracle Morning routine
  2. Read five books
  3. Edit two chapters of my first novel
  4. Start researching query letters
  5. Complete the Country Heat program from Beachbody
  6. Complete (and win!) NaNoWriMo
  7. Post at least one blog post per week
  8. Use social media 3 times/week to promote my blog
  9. Paint bedroom
  10. Finish bathroom reno
  11. Paint living room
  12. Spend quality time with Alex weekly


I’ve decided to put the French version of this blog on the back burner for now. It’s still something I want to do, but since it’s going to be a lot of work, I want to make sure I’m really back on the saddle and that everything else is running smoothly before launching it. I’m trying to be reasonable, haha! Most of all, I want to end 2017 on a good note and feel proud of everything I’ve accomplished.


What are your goals for the end of the year? Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t or didn’t want to work on your goals? How do you deal with such situations? Let me know in the comments below, on Instagram or on Facebook!


Until next time,

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